These photos document the pivotal moments of photography and travel broadening my world view since 2015. It’s just in the past few months that I have come to understand how this medium has remolded my interaction with the world. When behind the lens, my attention to everything around me replaces my inner discourse. In these moments, a certain level of comfort is achieved knowing that the world laughs, cries, wonders, and loves. It’s simple and instinctual for us to find ourselves withdrawn from the unfolding world as we reflect on our own experiences. Wearing the faces of my immediate surroundings, these photos show us that the ugly, beautiful, humorous, and hopeful exist just as much within us as they do around us. And if, we lend these human experiences our attention in these moments today and all that follow, we may come to understand our own humanity with more clarity.  

On exhibit Jan 5th-Feb. 28th at the Des Moines Social Club.