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Hand Me Downs

Charles Cooke steals and dons his recently deceased brother’s military uniform in an attempt to comfort his struggling mother, until a mysterious pursuant attempts to expose him as an imposter. 

The film stars Cody McGlashan. His recent film Gary Screams For You, was an official selection at TIFF, Slamdance, LSFF, Fantastic Fest, and Cannes 2022 Focus WiP program. My work as a documentary DP and editor has screened at Sundance, SXSW, DOC NYC, Dallas International Film Festival, short-listed at the Oscars 2022, nominated for the 2023 Emmys in the Exceptional Merit in Documentary Filmmaking, and nominations from the DGA.

Hand Me Downs is an examination of stolen valor, hollow heroism, and memories. These themes are connected geographically to the Midwest, and specifically Iowa, where we shot the film and where I am from. It’s a mysterious place full of contradictions, absurdist humor, and sorrow. The image of the Midwest is fading from the rest of the United States, it has been forgotten. A domestic war has begun to battle out, and it's a war on memory. The memories are getting blurrier by the day and it’s getting harder and harder to see a clear image of the past.

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Designed by Tim Hanson.

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